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Lissone Design Award 2008 "Lighting Design"



1. purpose

  • Nurture and support young creative minds in the world of Design
  • Offer manufacturers new product concepts and new market development opportunities
  • Establish Lissone as an international "center of gravity" at the forefront for creativity and professionalism in the design sector
  • Promote Lissone as an international centre of research, experimentation and prototyping of products related to the world of Design

2. theme

The proposed theme requires that participants design new product concepts for lighting design and / or lighting equipment, with reference to the field of innovative lighting technologies and its multiple applications in interiors and exterior design.


3. terms and Conditions for Participation

The award is open to university students (schools of Industrial Design, Architecture and Engineering), to students from Design technical schools, as well as to professional designers, artists and architects with no restriction on nationality. It is imperative that by 31st Dec 2008, each participant be 35 years old or younger. Submissions may be individual or representative of a team contribution. If a team is applying, a team leader must be indicated to manage official communications between the award committee and all the team participants. The age limitation set forth above is valid for all team members. It is mandatory that the projects be unpublished - in any manner or form. Infringement of this rule results in exclusion from the competition. Designs in production, submitted to other competitions, previously published or exhibited elsewhere are not admitted.
Each participant is required to scrupulously check the necessary requirements for participation to the award and is regarded personally responsible for their submission. Each participant accepts full responsibility for the novelty and originality of their submitted work.
Participation to the award is prohibited to the members of the awarding panel, their family members, to the employees of the "Comune di Lissone" and of the sponsoring institutions or companies.
Participation to the award is free of charge.


4. Prizes

The designated monetary prizes are:

  1. € 10000 divided up as follows: € 5000,00 for the 1st prize, € 3500,00 for the 2nd prize, € 1500,00 for the 3rd prize.
  2. Fabrication of prototypes for the first 6 qualified projects (prototypes for 4 other projects will be fabricated if supported by a sponsor).
  3. Exhibition of all submitted projects at the Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Lissone; the award ceremony will occur the day of the exhibition opening. 
  4. All the submissions to the award will be collected on a commemorative CD or DVD that will be included in the permanent collection of prototypes.

The Local Council of Lissone will moreover exhibit the fabricated prototypes and the related design projects within an appropriate facility, concurrently with the Salone del Mobile / Salone Satellite or 2009 Salone dell'Illuminazione.


5. Award Panel

The award panel is comprised of Arturo Dell'Acqua-Bellavitis, Director of Indaco Department of Politecnico di Milano, of Luigi Cavadini, Art Director of the Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Lissone, Sergio Allievi, President of Progetto Lissone S.p.a., as well as of distinguished individuals from the world of research and from the lighting industry.
The president of the award jury will be nominated amongst the afore-mentioned members and the voting process will be majoritybased. Every decision of the award panel is final.


6. selection Criteria

  • Novelty and originality of the project idea
  • Aesthetics
  • Use of new lighting technologies and novel materials, with emphasis on energy saving and efficiency
  • Integration of the product concept within a system project
  • Ergonomics, safety and environmental concerns
  • Overall quality of the project submission
  • Ease of manufacture / production

7. delivery of the design Projects

The required design projects must be submitted in person, by post, or by courier not later than 20th December 2008 at 11.00 am
(ROME TIME), to the following address:


Comune di Lissone
Ufficio Protocollo / Segreteria
Via Antonio Gramsci, 21
20035 Lissone (Milano)


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