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Villa Orelli - now Villa Mussi

Pannello ING

This 18th century building was originally owned by the Confraternity of the Puried Holy Virgin and later by the families Ciani, Orelli, Pensa, Arosio, Recli and, since the 1930's, by the Mussi family. During the Nazi occupation the villa was used as the German headquarters. The building is in the shape of an inverted C and is composed of two stories with a small panoramic viewpoint tower that rises two further stories at the centre of the house. The rooms are embellished with remarkable frescoes and restored decorations; the villa includes an interesting garden with a variety of plants and a small, elegant inner court with a fountain. The main façade, which is symmetrical and centred on the front door above which a small balcony protrudes, faces Piazza Libertà.

Ultima Modifica: 31/10/2022