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LISSONE DESIGN AWARD 2011 - "Street Furniture"

The results of the competition Lissone Design Award 2011 - Street Furniture will be made ​​public at the award ceremony and the inauguration of the exhibition of all entries received, to take place on Saturday 17 December at 6 p.m. on the premises of the Museo d'Arte Contemporanea of Lissone.

Street Furniture Design

On 19 October the jury was convened to select the projects submitted from around the world.

On 19 October of this year the jury in the LISSONE DESIGN AWARD 2011 "Street Furniture" - sponsored by the City of Lissone - Department of Culture, Identity and Local Traditions, in collaboration with the Fondazione Osservatorio Colore Interni di Lissone and Progetto Lissone S.p.A., will be convened to select the winning projects in the international award sponsored by the supreme "City of Furniture".
Luca Molinari, this year's curator, Giulio Iacchetti (industrial designer), Michele De Lucchi (architect and designer), Silvana Annicchiarico (Director of the Triennale Design Museum in Milan), Giacomo Piccini (Director General Fondazione Distretto Green & High Tech MB), Alessandro Cremonesi Group Vice President   -  Advanced Systems Technology, STMicroelectronics), Renato Mattioni (General Secretary Camera di Commercio di Monza e Brianza), Daniela Ronchi (Councillor for Culture, Identity and Local Traditions), Luigi Cavadini (Artistic Director of the Museo d'Arte Contemporanea), Sergio Allievi (President of Progetto Lissone S.p.A.), are the jurors who will evaluate projects by over 150 designers received from all five continents.


Now in its third edition, the Lissone Design Award has aroused great interest and secured attention not only in terms of the qualitative and quantitative participation by young designers from around the world, but has also succeeded in inspiring support and participation from important regional organizations. This is the significance of the collaboration of the Camera di Commercio di Monza e Brianza, the Fondazione Distretto Green & High Tech Monza Brianza and the Brera District Design. 

Given the expected technological levels to be attained by urban furniture in the near future, to be capable of meeting the changing needs of citizens, the involvement of the Fondazione Green & High Tech of Monza Brianza and one of its companies, Advanced Systems Technology STMicroelectronics, will be of fundamental importance for the practical implications of design ideas derived from the winning competition projects.


Together with the involvement of the Fondazione Distretto High Tech Monza Brianza, there is great significance in the support provided by the Camera di Commercio di Monza e Brianza and by Assomab - Associazione Commercianti Solferino San Marco in Brera/Brera District Design in the person of its President Dr. Marco Torrani, among the members of the Honorary Committee of the Lissone Design Award 2011. The Progetto Brera District Design - an operation of territorial marketing - has the precise objective of communicating Brera as a frame of reference for Milanese design, in a territory with the highest density of showrooms, galleries, locations, and venues devoted to contemporary design and in terms of art and culture, especially during the Milanese event dedicated to excellence in design or during the week of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile and the concomitant FuoriSalone.
The synergy between the City Administration and the vital energies in Milan devoted to design thus becomes a factor of the greatest importance for the young designers who will take part in the competition, thus opening up new and exciting showcases and places for exchanging ideas and conducting discussions.

These partners will naturally be united in collaboration with all the commercial and industrial forces in Lissone, to which the City Council devoted a specific encounter to present the award. The prize-giving will take place on 26 October at 9 p.m. on the premises of the Museo d'Arte Contemporanea of Lissone. This will be an opportunity to preview in the city of Lissone some data on participation in the Lissone Design Award 2011 - Street Furniture and an opportunity for discussion and receptiveness to future synergies for the promotion and enhancement of the cultural, economic and productive potential of Lissone


These events followed the words of the Councillor for Culture Daniela Ronchi in presenting the contents and objectives of the Lissone Design Award 2011: "The objective of the Lissone Design Award Street Furniture"- in its third edition, devoted to urban design, is the promotion of Lissone, which is confirmed as a pole of economic and cultural interest, an area devoted to research and innovation capable of providing valuable opportunities for exchange and real opportunities for promotion. The strong decision to choose a theme with such a futuristic angle was inspired by the awareness and the need to promote around the world the artistic, cultural and economic-productive potential which characterizes the history and development of Lissone, a city of furniture."


Also confirmed for the 2011 edition is participation by important organizations and institutions which have given their patronage to the international competition sponsored by the City of Lissone: The European Parliament, the MIBAC - Regional Directorate for the Cultural and Landscape Assets of Lombardy, the Regione Lombardia, the Provincia di Monza e della Brianza and the Triennale Design Museum of Milan.


The projects submitted and the prestigious collaborations acquired are proof that, once again, Lissone presents itself as a LABORATORY permanently open to the YOUNG and capable of hosting the most significant undertakings, in this case anticipating and embodying the ideas and proposals of young  creatives under 36 years of age and of all nationalities, who have been invited, through the contents of Street Furniture, to devise a new generation of urban objects in order to respond to the challenges and demands of the Future City. The projects have succeeded in transferring to their urban designs the same quality of research and technology, comfort, functionality and aesthetic elegance that have characterized the history and development of contemporary interior furnishings from the fifties onwards, in which Lissone has been, and always will be, an interpreter and protagonist


October, 2011.



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